The Catalytic Noise Machine Confessional at Welcome to COMPANY

Group show at COMPANY exhibition space in the Flatiron district -inauguration for art collectors - in which I did a site specific performance and video installation. Other rooms had the video work of artists  Yorgo Alexopoluos  and Federico Solmi.

Welcome To Company  (click for full article)
By Jedediah Charles 

COMPANY Launches The Collector Series
(July 28, 2011)  
"The fourth artist exhibiting and performing at the COMPANY event was Elektra KB – a vegan-feminist-situationist of Ukranian-Colombian descent. Tucked away in a back room, she created an unsettling  environment complete with a video and multi-track dialogue on repeat.  The piece draws from The Theocratic Republic Of Gaia, which Elektra defines as an alternate way of perceiving the true world, in which the population gets brainwashed and forgets what reality is. 
This work calls to attention the new "religion" of media and consumerism. In the room, Elektra assumed the character of The White Papess, ruler of Gaia.  She lay still in bed with her eyes closed while guests entered the room to paid homage. I definitely felt like a cult member in the confines of that stark white room, especially with the uneasy soundtrack and slumbering painted papess.  Definitely an artist to watch for in the future."


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