A few months ago an artist was struggling to communicate with political prisoner and environmentalist Marius Mason. (Marius is believed now to be the first trans man to transition with medical care in federal custody.)

The Theocratic Republic of Gaia beings and its dissidents are surveilling the universe. The Catharas on the Capitaloantropocenikos mission, have found a series of letters, documents, recordings and objects about recent events in this world. The Catharas study our interactions, ecosystem, and the social and geological upheavals of our world. This compilation of documents are fragments of a rigorously compiled Cathara Codex, chapter: Bodies of Water: Body as a Prison/Prison as a Body. 

Bodies of Water explores the journey of an artist trying to communicate with political prisoner Marius Mason, held in a women’s prison in Texas. A member of the Earth Liberation Front charged with Arson of a genetically modified organisms Monsanto research facility. When the person --deemed a domestic terrorist-- is finally allowed to communicate with the artist, the call is heavily monitored and what the prisoner can discuss is limited; the artist asks: What do you think about water?


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