'Power is Abuse' is a multidisciplinary solo installation by artist Elektra KB, which consists of
site-specific installations and works on fabric that deal with the nature of power, authority and
its antagonists. From the prison industrial complex to authority symbols –such as the
immigration checkpoint—, adding protest signs as responses and visual cues of shifting
power. The artist wishes to explore the meanings and relationships to the concept of power
and how it manifests today in society.
The title stems as a synergist response to Jenny Holzer´s phrase “Abuse of power comes as
no surprise”. Here, the artist aims to address the problematic of hierarchical structures and
how often holding centralized power inevitably suppresses freedom and autonomy.
Using the platform of mythology coexisting with a documentarian and conceptualist approach,
the show takes place in the middle of two worlds: the ‘Cathara Autonomous Territory’ and our
world. The show ties utopism, political theory, art and activism through a variety of mediums
such as: textiles, video, installation and performativity.
Different fiber based works --including protest banners and an artist´s book--, a check-point
hut --that will be distributing stateless passports-- and a ´Freedom School’ -- a former office
space transformed in a center of political action-education through play—are some of the
works included in the show.
Participatory work:
“In the CAT checkpoint you can renounce the allegiance to nation borders and gender
borders, chauvinism, patriotism, and fascism. You declare that these concepts don’t define
the true existence of the individual and are not a marker for human value.
Due to the rise of systems of oppression via the nation state, the rebels of the Theocratic
Republic of Gaia --the Catharas-- have created the Stateless Autonomous passport.
Everybody who attends SPRING/BREAK Art Show will be eligible to receive a CAT passport at
the checkpoint in the 22nd floor for FREE. By obtaining the passport you choose to become
a de facto global citizen.”


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